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June 2018

Domain Name Registration

Tips for choosing a great domain name.

Prior to 2012 having a domain name like would probably got you on the 1st page of Google if someone searched for that phrase. Those days are gone when Google knuckled down to sort out websites with good names but very little “substance” or “relevant content”.  These types of domain names are termed Exact Match Domains or EMD for short.
Though it may not directly help your rankings any more, a good domain name will get you more brand […]

Search Engine Optimisation Tips

Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO
There are so many factors that dictate as to how your website is going to get a good ranking on search engines such as Google and Bing.
Something that can help is getting back links from websites with a good page rank. Websites that commonly have a good page rank are directory websites.
It will require some manual input and can be as boring as hell. We suggest that you NEVER PAY to have your business listed and only […]