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September 2018

Warning for all non HTTPS websites

Google has just released a stable update for Chrome 68, and it brings something that we’ve all been waiting for Not Secure warning for all HTTP sites. Google has been pushing for HTTPS (the little padlock symbol you see in the address bar) under its HTTPS Everywhere campaign, and this move could turn out to be a real hammer blow to those running website under HTTP.
As of July 24 all no HTTPS website will have a warning message in […]

Image Library Websites

Free stock image websites

Imagery on a website can make or break your visitor experience. Luckily there are numerous websites out there that you can select some professionally taken photos.
Some of these sites sell their images which can be quite expensive especially if you require a few. Luckily there are a few out there that supply them for free !
If you are considering using paid for stock images see if you can get get a watermarked version to give to your web designer […]