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Local Web Designer in Brighton

Do I need a local web designer?

Do you need a local web design company?

Ok, it is great to meet your clients but is it always necessary?

For large projects the answer is probably yes, but for the average company the answer is probably no as the technology is already out there to share screens and chat online at the same time.

We are a Sussex based web design agency but have clients across the UK and loads that couldn’t be further away in Scotland, the USA and Australia.

The only difference between having a local website designer or developer is that you can go and drink their coffee and smell their garlic breath (or worse).

To keep costs down we prefer the online screen sharing approach and a natter on the phone. For sure, we do go and see clients if they want – especially the pub owning ones – but to keep our website build costs down we chat on the phone and share screens.

Our support time is so much faster than it was back in the days of slow internet connection speeds that we can be looking at what you are in less than 3 minutes.

If you would like to try it out, have a chat to us online and we’ll get you set up.

Speak to you soon……..

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