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Domain Name Registration

Tips for choosing a great domain name.

Prior to 2012 having a domain name like would probably got you on the 1st page of Google if someone searched for that phrase. Those days are gone when Google knuckled down to sort out websites with good names but very little “substance” or “relevant content”.  These types of domain names are termed Exact Match Domains or EMD for short.

Though it may not directly help your rankings any more, a good domain name will get you more brand recognition and trust which ultimately will lead to higher click-through-rates (CTR).

So you might ask; how should you register on a domain name to maximize Search Engine Optimisation?

Make sure you do a things:

  1. choose a memorable brand name to make your domain name.
  2. make sure it doesn’t mean something rude in a foreign language – Vauxhall produced the Nova. In Spanish No Va means “no go”. Result – car not very popular.
  3. pick a .com extension or a local country extension such as for the United Kingdom – .biz, .us etc will most likely be identified as spamming domains all the big boys have country specific extensions.
  4. avoid hyphens, misspelt words, numbers etc
  5. avoid Exact Match Domain names – Partial Match Domains (PMD) are ok
  6. keep the name less than 15 characters
  7. make it memorable and easy to spell – good examples are of course Google, Bing, Yahoo, eBay.
  8. try and register it for longer than the minimum period of 1 year to show commitment that you are going to be staying around.
  9. check that the domain name with a different extension isn’t promoting something you wouldn’t want to be associated with.

If you want to see if the domain name has been used in the past for some purpose have a look at the Way Back When Machine which holds an archive of millions of screen shots of websites going back years.

If you are looking to register a domain name then visit our domain registration page.

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