Warning for all non HTTPS websites

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Warning for all non HTTPS websites

Google has just released a stable update for Chrome 68, and it brings something that we’ve all been waiting for Not Secure warning for all HTTP sites. Google has been pushing for HTTPS (the little padlock symbol you see in the address bar) under its HTTPS Everywhere campaign, and this move could turn out to be a real hammer blow to those running website under HTTP.

As of July 24 all no HTTPS website will have a warning message in the address bar stating that the website is Not Secure.

Here’s what Google states on its official blog:

“Security has been one of Chrome’s core principles since the beginning—we’re constantly working to keep you safe as you browse the web. Nearly two years ago, we announced that Chrome would eventually mark all sites that are not encrypted with HTTPS as “not secure”. This makes it easier to know whether your personal information is safe as it travels across the web, whether you’re checking your bank account or buying concert tickets.”

HTTP vs. HTTPS: What’s the Difference?

HTTP is what lies in the foundation of the web. It’s an age-old protocol for sending data communication over the internet. This all sounds great but there is a big flaw to it as all the data data transfer through HTTP is done in plain text. Happy days for the cyber-criminals to intercept, look at and corrupt the data.

On the other hand, HTTPS is the secure version of HTTP as it encrypts the plain text into indecipherable format. Therefore, no more Mr. Nasty Cyberman getting hold of credit card, bank details or naughty celebrity photos . Google wants to encrypt the entire web so that such attacks can be curbed.

What to do if I have an HTTP website?

As Google Chrome is the most popular browser, Google Chrome you could face some serious problems if you don’t change your HTTP website.

If you’re in charge of a website that is still using HTTP, you need to get an SSL/TLS certificate to migrate it to HTTPS. Luckily for those of you that use ROI Designs as your hosting provider we can do this for you for a small one off fee.

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